Indiana Tech Cyber Warriors Informational Webinar – Spring 2018

In order to more directly discuss the Indiana Tech Cyber Warriors with those who may not be as familiar, we will be holding an informational webinar on 4/26/18 at 6PM EDT.


This event will serve as an online informational forum to discuss the Nationally Ranked Indiana Tech Cyber Warriors.

The agenda will include the following:

– Who are the Indiana Tech Cyber Warriors?

– What do the Cyber Warriors do?

– What do students have to do to be a part of the team?

– Why should students be a part of the team?

– How should students prepare?

– Relevant dates, additional content, Q&A


To register for the event, please visit the following link.

Cyber Warriors Win Midwest Regional – Advance to National Finals

After advancing from the Indiana State Qualifier on March 23rd and 24th, the Indiana Tech Cyber Warriors competed in the Collegiate Cyber Defence Competition Midwest Regional. This year, as is every year, the Midwest region produced some extremely strong teams. The competition was composed of the winner of each state qualifier, representing 10 states and 48 total schools – the largest region in the country.

This year, the Cyber Warriors took first place followed by a strong Southeast Missouri State, and Depaul University. April 13th-15th the Cyber Warriors are excited to be heading back to the National Finals this year in Orlando, FL to compete against the winner of the other regional events and compete as one of the best schools in the country. For additional information please see the links below.



2018 State Qualifier:

National CCDC Website:

2018 Cyber Warriors Team Roster:

Cyber Warriors Win 4th Consecutive CCDC State Title

On March 3rd, the Indiana Tech Cyber Warriors showed up to compete in what was their 11th time at the Indiana State Finals for the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition. The competition was rough this year with a strong presence of Purdue University battling for the title. The Cyber Warriors ended up taking 1st place on the 1, 2 podium followed Purdue who took second place then followed by Indiana University and Ivy Tech.

This is the 4th consecutive Indiana CCDC State Title for the warriors, and the 8th win of the 11 years the competition has been running. The Cyber Warriors will move on to the National Qualifier on March 23-34 at Moraine Valley in Palos Hills, IL. There they will go up against the 9 other winning schools from Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconsin and the winner of the wildcard round.

The roster for the team this year can be found here:


Cyber Warriors NCL Fall 2017 Season and National Rankings

After finishing the fall season of the National Cyber League, the Indiana Tech Cyber Warriors have quite a bit to celebrate.

Using challenges designed around industry recognized performance-based exam objectives and aligned with individual and team games, the NCL is a first-of-its-kind ongoing experiment in learning and gaming using next-generation high-fidelity simulation environments. At the beginning of the NCL 2017 Fall Season, 3,449 students/players (up from 2,760 in Fall 2016) and 245 faculty/coaches from more than 250 two and four-year schools in 47 U.S. states registered to compete.

The NCL 2017 Fall Season began with the Preseason round to group players into one of three competition brackets based on skill level: Gold (top 15% of all players nationally – 331 players), Silver (the next 35% of all players nationally – 864 players) or Bronze (the next 50% of all players nationally – 1,228 players).


Of these statistics, the Indiana Tech Cyber Warriors placed four students in the top 1% in the Nation and held a number of other impressive statistics from the official NCL scouting reports (shown below).


4 Students in the top 25, Individual Round:

  • Chandler Dodenhoff, #11 Overall, #10 in Gold Bracket
  • Ethan Anderson, #12 Overall, #11 in Gold Bracket
  • Matt Billeck, #13 Overall, #2 in Silver Bracket
  • Rob Dukarski, #16 Overall, #14 in Gold Bracket


Additional Statistics:

  • Alex Knipper, #6 in Silver Bracket in Cryptography
  • Rob Dukarski, #4 Overall and #3 in Gold Bracket in Open Source Intelligence
  • Rob Dukarski, #8 Overall and #8 in Gold Bracket in Wireless Access Exploitation
  • Chandler Dodenhoff, #4 Overall and #4 in Gold Bracket in Forensic Log Analysis
  • Chandler Dodenhoff, #1 Overall and #1 in Gold Bracket in Forensic Network Traffic Analysis
  • Ethan Anderson, #2 Overall and #2 in Gold Bracket for Password Cracking


Based on their combined individual performance in the Individual Round, the Indiana Tech Cyber Warriors were placed in the Gold Bracket for the Team Round and had some impressive statistics there as well from the official NCL scouting reports (shown below).

Top 10 Gold Bracket, Team Round:

  • #17 Overall Nationally, #7 in Gold Bracket

Additional Statistics:

  • #1 Overall and #1 in Gold Bracket in Scanning and Reconnaissance
  • #4 Overall and #1 in Gold Bracket in Web Application Exploitation
  • #3 in Gold Bracket in Wireless Access Exploitation
  • #4 Overall and #3 in Gold Bracket in Forensic Network Traffic Analysis
  • #5 in Gold Bracket in Open Source Intelligence
  • #6 in Gold Bracket in Cryptography
  • #7 in Gold Bracket in Forensic Log Analysis
  • #7 in Gold Bracket in Password Cracking




To read more about the competition, please visit NCL’s website.


To view other competitions in which we compete, visit our competitions page below.


2017-2018 Cyber Warriors Tryouts

Thanks for all who attended the recruting event, if you were unable to attend we discussed quite a bite of information but used the PowerPoint below.

Recruiting PowerPoint: Recruiting_Event_Powerpoint.pptx

As noted at the event, tryouts will be 4 weeks long meeting every Wednesday in Z104 at 5:30PM starting on 9/6/17. If you are unable to make that meeting time please send me an email mshansen02 @ indianatech . edu and I will make accomodations. Even if you’re unsure if you will continue with tryouts, I strongly encourage you all to at least show up the first night.

Tryout communciation will  be via email. If I do not already have your email on the list that was gathered at the recruiting event, please email me ASAP so I can get you included.

See you all next Wednesday!

2017-2018 Cyber Warriors Recruiting Event

Thanks for all who showed up at the Open House, it was a great time to hang out!

Now, it’s time for the official recruiting event for the 2017-2018 Cyber Warriors Team held on August 30th, at 5PM, in ZEC 104.

We invite you or anyone you know is interested in the Cyber Warriors to come learn about the team, and about tryouts for this year’s teams. If you have any questions please feel free to use the contact information on the flyer below. Otherwise, we’ll see you on August 30th at 5PM in ZEC 104!

Media: Cyber Warriors 2017-2018 Recruiting Event Media

2017-2018 Cyber Warriors Open House

The new school year is upon us! With that said, the Indiana Tech Cyber Warriors will be hosting an Open House on August 21st, at 5PM, in ZEC 108A.

If you or anyone you know is interested in the Cyber Warriors but don’t really know what we’re about – this is the place to just come and hang out. We’ll have some food, some team members, and maybe a few showcases. If you or anyone is interested, come on out and see what we’re about!

What: Cyber Warriors Open House

When: Monday, August 21st, 5PM

Where: Zollner Networking Lab (Z108A)


Media: Cyber Warriors 2017-2018 Open House Media

Cyber Warriors 2017 Summer Training!

Every fall the Cyber Warriors host tryouts for the open slots on the team for that year. Without fail, 70%+ of the students who start tryouts, end up dropping out because they feel like they are ill-equipped. This year, I’m going to be running a summer training session to attempt to mitigate this type of scenario so we can build out a larger, and stronger Cyber Warriors team.

This event is a FREE, at-home, online, self-paced, 8-week summer training session designed to prepare students to tryout for the 2017-2018 Indiana Tech Cyber Warriors that is available for any current or incoming Indiana Tech students. It is designed so that all tasks can be completed on your own machine, and can work on it at any time. The work will also start out at a basic knowledge level and gradually get more challenging. This is to say that if anyone (no matter their skill level) is interested in trying out for the team next year and would to prepare, should participate.

The deadline for sign-up is June 1st, 11:59PM.

Most communication will be via email, but we may have a few Skype meetings. Pay no attention to the “7PM” meeting time on this event right now; that is subject to change. Also, there will be no need for a “ticket”, but eventbright requires it for sign up. If you want to sign up, please use the registration link below.


If you have any questions you can contact Matt Hansen at mshansen02 @ For more information on the team you can visit the (still under-construction)

Cyber Warriors Place Top 25 in National Cyber League

We had both our Varsity and JV compete in the spring season of the National Cyber League individual round and did very well. (The NCL is a first-of-its-kind ongoing educational experiment in learning and gaming, where the students (AKA players) are co-creators and collaborators.)
Over 2,000 of the top cyber security students across the country competed in the 2017 Spring National Cyber League Individual Round, from hundreds of schools including many large Research Institutions and Ivy League Schools (UMD, IU , RIT, Stanford, NYU, UCF, etc.). That said, we had 4 students (Chandler Dodenhoff, Ethan Anderson, Matt Kowal, and Austin Blanton) place within the top 2% of the country. Most notably, Chandler Dodenhoff placed in the top 25 students in the country. 
To read more about the competition, please visit NCL’s website. 
To see more competitions in which Indiana Tech Cyber Warriors take part, see our competitions page.