Founded in 2006, the Indiana Tech Cyber Warriors are a Collegiate Cyber Competition Team from Fort Wayne, Indiana. The Cyber Warriors compete in several Cyber Security Competitions across the Nation; they are best known for their participation in the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition where they have won the state championship fourteen times over the past sixteen years and were ranked in the top 10 teams nationwide in 2006, 2007, 2011, 2018, and 2024.

The Cyber Warriors also compete in the National Cyber League, an online capture-the-flag competition that focuses on cryptography, network traffic analysis, web app exploitation, and reverse engineering. They have competed in the many other competitions such as the U.S. Department of Energy’s CyberForce competition, National Cyber League, Collegiate Pentesting Competition, and the Global Cyberlympics.

The Cyber Warriors are divided into two sections, with one section focusing on defensive (blue team) comeptitions like CCDC, and the second section concentrating on offensive (red team), CTF, and forensics-based comeptitions such as NCL, CyberForce, Cyber Quests, and the Cyberlympics. Between the two divisions, the team puts in hundreds of hours of practice every year in preparation for these competitions, most of which is done outside of organized team practices.

Members of the Cyber Warriors learn many skills that they will use in their future careers, including the fundamentals of Windows Server, Linux, networking, web servers, DNS, Active Directory, firewalls, cryptography, server administration, log analysis, password cracking, web exploitation, network reconnaissance, and many others. The team greatly exhibits self-motivation and determination, along with excellent use of communication and teamwork. Graduates from the team have gone on to work for a wide range of companies like Microsoft, Discover Card, Dell, Cisco, Raytheon, BAE Systems, Rapid 7, Government Agencies and many others.


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2018 Dept. of Energy CyberForce

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