In the Cyber Warriors 2nd year competing in the CPTC, it has become the flagship competition for our Offensive Security Team. This competition is a hyper-realistic mock environment where teams perform a Security Vulnerability Penetration Test for a client and are required, after the “engagement”, to write and deliver a pentest report to the customer where they are graded by industry professionals for things like technical findings, report professionalism, etc.

After taking 2nd place in the Great Lakes Regional behind Rochester Institute of Technology in October, the Cyber Warriors were entered into the wildcard. This wildcard takes into account the scores from all other teams globally to fill the wildcard positions with those who had the highest point values but did not win their region. On November 30th, it was announced that the Indiana Tech Cyber Warriors placed high enough to advance to the Global Finals hosted at Rochester Institute of Technology in January, 2023.


Cyber Warriors Team Roster:



Global Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition (CPTC):