After earlier in the season claiming a “Decade of Dominance” winning their 10th straight Indiana State CCDC, on March 17th and 18th, the Indiana Tech Cyber Warriors competed in the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition Midwest Regional. As is the case every year being the largest region in the Nation, the Midwest region produced some extremely strong teams. The competition was composed of the winner of each state qualifier, representing 9 states and almost 50 schools.

The Cyber Warriors performed extremely well, leading almost the entire competition in service uptime scores, averaging over 95% uptime across all scored services while completing business injects and defending against the red team who actively try to take down our systems; and we are proud to have extended our streak to 7 consecutive years of a podium finish.

In addition to their 2nd consecutive year as a top team in the world for Offensive Security, the Cyber Warriors can now claim they are in the elite few teams that can claim top placement in the most prominent offensive AND defensive Collegiate Cyber Security Competitions.

See you all at the National Championship.


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