Fall 2020 marks another successfully competed season of the National Cyber League (NCL) for the Cyber Warriors. The team had top tier placements in both the individual round and team round with another record-setting year for registered competitors, the largest competition they’ve ever held. The NCL is a “defensive and offensive puzzle-based, capture-the-flag style cybersecurity competition”, comprised of challenges in the following categories: Open Source Intelligence, Password Cracking, Log Analysis, Network Traffic Analysis, Forensics, Scanning & Reconnaissance, Web Application Exploitation, and Enumeration and Exploitation.

Over 6,000 of the top cyber security students across the country competed in the 2020 Spring National Cyber League, from hundreds of schools including many large Division 1, Research Institutions and Ivy League Schools . With that said, the Indiana Tech Cyber Warriors had placement up in to the top 0.03% Nationally in the individual round and increased our “Cyber Power Rankings” to the top leaderboard. Cyber Power Rankings are calculated by using a combination of total number of competitors, and scores from both the individual and team rounds. Since total number of competing students is a factor in this calculation, given the size of our school compared to others, we are very proud to be on the board!

Cyber Power Ranking: 

Individual Round (6,013 competitors):

Marek Grzelak:

  • Top 0.03% (18/6013) in NCL Overall
  • Top 0.002% (10th/6013 Overall) in Forensics

Cameron Fyfe:

  • Top 3% in bracket overall
  • Top 3% in bracket in Log Analysis
  • Top 10% in bracket in Network Traffic Analysis, Scanning and Reconnaissance, and Cryptography.

John Rudolph:

  • Top 2% in bracket for Web Application exploitation
  • Top 10% in bracket for Cryptography, and Forensics

Zach Hampton:

  • Top 10% in bracket for Scanning and Reconnaissance

Nick Lanham:

  • Top 5% in bracket overall
  • Top 1% in bracket in Web Application Exploitation
  • Top 2% in bracket in Forensics

Nia Iott:

  • Top 10% in bracket in Cryptography and Password Cracking

Savanna Yoder:

  • Top 5% in bracket in Password Cracking and Forensics

Shawn Witchey:

  • Top 5% in bracket for Open Source Intelligence

Zylar McCullah:

  • Top 10% in bracket for Cryptography

John Gaulin:

  • Top 5% in bracket for Network Traffic Analysis
  • Top 10% in bracket for Open Source Intelligence

Bryce Casto:

  • Top 5% in bracket for Open Source Intelligence

Team Round (957 teams, up to 5 competitors each):

Cyber Warriors Team #1:

  • Top 15% in NCL Overall
  • 22nd overall in Log Analysis

Cyber Warriors Team #2:

  • 12th in bracket for Network Traffic Analysis

To read more about the competition, please visit NCL’s website.

To see more competitions in which Indiana Tech Cyber Warriors take part, see our competitions page.