Thanks for all who attended the recruting event, if you were unable to attend we discussed quite a bite of information but used the PowerPoint below.

Recruiting PowerPoint: Recruiting_Event_Powerpoint.pptx

As noted at the event, tryouts will be 4 weeks long meeting every Wednesday in Z104 at 5:30PM starting on 9/6/17. If you are unable to make that meeting time please send me an email mshansen02 @ indianatech . edu and I will make accomodations. Even if you’re unsure if you will continue with tryouts, I strongly encourage you all to at least show up the first night.

Tryout communciation will  be via email. If I do not already have your email on the list that was gathered at the recruiting event, please email me ASAP so I can get you included.

See you all next Wednesday!