Cyber Warriors 2017 Summer Training!

Every fall the Cyber Warriors host tryouts for the open slots on the team for that year. Without fail, 70%+ of the students who start tryouts, end up dropping out because they feel like they are ill-equipped. This year, I’m going to be running a summer training session to attempt to mitigate this type of scenario so we can build out a larger, and stronger Cyber Warriors team.

This event is a FREE, at-home, online, self-paced, 8-week summer training session designed to prepare students to tryout for the 2017-2018 Indiana Tech Cyber Warriors that is available for any current or incoming Indiana Tech students. It is designed so that all tasks can be completed on your own machine, and can work on it at any time. The work will also start out at a basic knowledge level and gradually get more challenging. This is to say that if anyone (no matter their skill level) is interested in trying out for the team next year and would to prepare, should participate.

The deadline for sign-up is June 1st, 11:59PM.

Most communication will be via email, but we may have a few Skype meetings. Pay no attention to the “7PM” meeting time on this event right now; that is subject to change. Also, there will be no need for a “ticket”, but eventbright requires it for sign up. If you want to sign up, please use the registration link below.


If you have any questions you can contact Matt Hansen at mshansen02 @ For more information on the team you can visit the (still under-construction)

Cyber Warriors Place Top 25 in National Cyber League

We had both our Varsity and JV compete in the spring season of the National Cyber League individual round and did very well. (The NCL is a first-of-its-kind ongoing educational experiment in learning and gaming, where the students (AKA players) are co-creators and collaborators.)
Over 2,000 of the top cyber security students across the country competed in the 2017 Spring National Cyber League Individual Round, from hundreds of schools including many large Research Institutions and Ivy League Schools (UMD, IU , RIT, Stanford, NYU, UCF, etc.). That said, we had 4 students (Chandler Dodenhoff, Ethan Anderson, Matt Kowal, and Austin Blanton) place within the top 2% of the country. Most notably, Chandler Dodenhoff placed in the top 25 students in the country. 
To read more about the competition, please visit NCL’s website. 
To see more competitions in which Indiana Tech Cyber Warriors take part, see our competitions page.